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Tourist places in Swat

Alpuri, Swat

Alpuri is the capital of Shangla district. The following beautiful landscape is Lower Alpuri located in Shangla, Swat, KPK, Pakistan. Government of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa has recentaly opened a University of Swat campus in Alpuri which is located at Lenori road.

Photo by: Khwaja Saeed

Photo by: Jan Alam

Bahrain, Swat

Bahrain means two rivers in local language. This hill station is very famous in tourist due to its beauty located in Swat District, KPK, Pakistan which is 60 km North of Mingora at an elevation of 4700 ft on the right bank of Swat river.

Photo by: Taqir Saddique

Shingardar Stupa, Ghalegay (Buddhist Stupas), Swat

Buddhist Stupa Shingardar is situated just 3km from Barikot, which unfolds its attractive glimpses on the right side of the road. It was approximately built between the third and the fourth centuries AD, perhaps being the only relic with its original dome still intact. On the right side of the road, nearly one and half kilometer from the stupa, large figures of Buddha carved on a rock reflects memories of that glorious period of Buddhism in that area.

Photo by: Moawiz Ali

Cheel, Madyan, Swat

Cheel is a beautiful valley situated in Madyan, swat, KPK, Pakistan. This valley is very famous in tourist due to its beautiful landscape.

Photo by: Waqar Ahmad

Fizagat Park, Swat

This park was established in 1984 and located 1 km far from Mangora. Fizagat Park is on the bank of swat river and most popular weekend haunt for families in Swat.

Photo by: Shafiq ul Islam

Gabral Valley, Swat

Another hill station of Swat located in North-West Frontier Province. The following beautiful landscape is Shahi Bagh Lake in Upper Gabral, Swat Valley, KPK, Pakistan

Photo by: Imran Rashid

Photo by: Khwaja Nasir

Photo by: Sara Saleem

Hindu kush Mountain Range, Swat

Photo by: Zara Ahmad

Jarogo Waterfall, Swat

Photo by: Khwaja Saeed

Kalakot Village, Swat

Photo by: Jan Alam

Kalam Forest, Swat

Photo by: Fawad Hussain

Kalam Town, Swat

Photo by: Khwaja Nasir

Kandol Lake, Kalam, Swat

Photo by: Tariq Saddiq

Photo by: Tariq Saddiq

Madyan, Swat

Photo by: Khwaja Saeed

Mahodand Lake, Swat

Photo by: Momin Imran

Malam Jabba, Swat

Photo by: Imran Rasheed

Mankial Village, Swat

Photo by: Mujtaba Ezaz

Matiltan, Kalam, Swat (on the way to Mahodand Lake)

Photo by: Moawiz Ali

Miandam, Swat

Photo by: Asim Jawad

Mingora, Swat

Photo by: Khwaja Saeed

Saidgai Lake, Upper Swat

Photo by: Wardan Amin

Saifullah Lake, Near Mahodand Lake, Kalam, Swat

Photo by: Wakas Akbar

Sair Village, near Malam Jabba

Photo by: Aayan Raza

Shahi Bagh near Gabral, Swat

Photo by: Usman Bukhari

Shangla Top, Swat

Photo by: Hamza Naveed

Shingrai Cave Waterfall, Swat

Photo by: Sami khan

Spinkhwar lake

Photo by: Mujtaba Ezaz

Swat Museum, Swat

Photo by: Swat Museum Management

Utror Valley, Swat

Photo by: Ali Awais

White Palace, Swat

Photo by: Khadim Hussain

Khapero Lake, Swat

Photo by: Iftikhar Alvi

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